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Citricos, cortezas, pulpas, rodajas, zumos, maquinaria indutria alimenticia.
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Our Company’s core priority is our customers’ satisfaction, and that is why our continuous effort is devoted to planning, organizing, directing and controlling the quality in our production system with the target to offer our customers first quality products.


As a result of the policy that has characterized our Company from its beginnings to improve the quality of our products and services in a continuous and increasing way, IRIMAR got the BRC quality standard Certification in December 2009.


Subsequently and in order to meet the needs of increasingly diverse markets and their most demanding consumers, our Company opted to become certified in Kosher, Vegan and Halal and in Organic/Bio production.


On the other hand, within the framework of professional ethics we are members of SEDEX, a global platform for information exchange about ethically sustainable production in the supply chain.

Our Business Values are based on guaranteeing clarity, transparency and total compliance with food safety requirements and establishing processes to promote “best professional practices”

Range of Products from fruits BIO.
Orange and lemon peels, juices or slices