About us - The citrus experts
Citricos, cortezas, pulpas, rodajas, zumos, maquinaria indutria alimenticia.
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IRIMAR S.L. was founded in 1985 by Ramón Marzal one of the first Spanish technologists specialized in the industrial processing of citrus fruits.

Ramón led IRIMAR to specialize in the production of citrus PEELS (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, etc) in different formats, to cover a broad range of food industry applications requiring those natural products.


Thanks to our commitment on continuous quality improvement and our customers’ support, we have achieved different quality certifications that allow us to cover large segments of consumers following the highest standards of food safety.

  1. Company Establishment

    Don Ramón Marzal

  2. Industrial Manufacturing activity Start

  3. IQF Freezing Air Tunnel

  4. IQF Freezing Nitrogen Tunnel

  5. BRC Certification

  6. Relocation of the factory to Paiporta

  7. Kosher Certification

  8. Vegan Certification

  9. Halal Certification

  10. BIO Certification

    Range of Products produced from fruits with BIO Certification (Orange and lemon peels, juices or slices)